Quick Facts

Clamlette Surprise

Dirge Quikcleave wants you to get the following items:

12 Giant Eggs. You will find those on the Rocs wandering Tanaris or any other species of large bird.

10 pieces of Zesty Clam Meat. You can find those in clams, naturally!

20 pieces of Alterac Swiss. Get thee to a cheesery!

Gather all of the items and return to Dirge.
Giant Egg (12)
Zesty Clam Meat (10)
Alterac Swiss (20)


Ever heard of a clamlette? Of course you haven't! It's my latest and greatest culinary masterpiece. Oh, <name>, just thinking about a clamlette makes my mouth water.

Unfortunately, I'm all out of supplies to make any! How about I make you a deal? You gather the supplies I need to make a clamlette and I'll teach you the finer points of exotic cuisine and I'll even throw in a couple of clamlettes to boot! Deal??

Here's what I need:




You will receive:
Clamlette Surprise


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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