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Sunfury Signets

Battlemage Vyara at the Sanctum of the Stars wants you to bring her 10 Sunfury Signets.

Performing quests for the Scryers will cause you Aldor reputation level to decrease.
Sunfury Signet (10)


The survival of the Scryers hinges on outrecruiting Kael'thas. Every pilgrim from Quel'Thalas that joins his side brings him closer to victory. The opposite is true for us.

Soon, however, we will run out of recruits and it will come down to what side can kill the other quicker. Prove your worth to the Scryers by bringing me Sunfury signets worn by high-ranking blood elves allied with Kael'thas and Illidan. You'll find them at Eclipse Point to the west and the Ruins of Karabor, to the northeast.


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