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Changelog For "Overview of Stats for Classic TBC"

  • 15 days ago: Corrected the armor formula, it was configured for a boss attacking a player instead of a player attacking a boss. Now the wording is also more clear that it is describing a player attacking a boss. By Simonize
  • 20 days ago: More minor text edits, capitalization fixes, and rewording a few sentences for clarity. By Simonize
  • 20 days ago: Text edits throughout the document. Fixing more erroneous capitalization, rewording sentences for better readability, removing unnecessary parenthesis. By Simonize
  • 21 days ago: Confirmed from other sources formulas for mana regeneration from spirit and intellect. This could be verified in game for greater certainty. Added section for Haste Rating to the physical damage stats section. Added section for Spell Haste Rating to the caster stats section. Updated the "who benefits from what stats" section to include a mention of spirit for mana using classes. By Simonize
  • 21 days ago: Need to add "Haste" section under "Physical Damage Stats" Need to add "Spell Haste" section under "Caster Stats" By Simonize
  • 21 days ago: First draft save. Updated wording on many sections. "Commented-out" some sections so they are in the article code but not displayed. Fixed many formulas, stat conversions, and rating caps. Re-wrote many sentences and corrected erroneous capitalization on some words. Separated "Spell Haste" from "Haste" since they are different stats. Still need to verify: How do Intellect and Spirit contribute to mana regeneration? By Simonize
  • 22 days ago: Work in progress save. Revised many sections to reflect Burning Crusade information: Armor Penetration Hit Rating Caps Spell Resistance Changed many run-on sentances and reworded some paragraphs to be more clear. By Simonize
  • 2021/04/11 at 12:53 PM: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2021/03/29 at 2:13 PM: added a note about Protection Paladin benefitting from Spell Power over Strength By Neryssa
  • Status set to Approved: 2021/03/08 at 5:36 PM